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LG Optimus 2X brushes competition aside

by on14 December 2010

Speedy dual-core superphone with HDMI

A few videos featuring LG's upcoming Optimus 2X superphone have popped up on Youtube and we can safely say the performance is quite impressive.

The Tegra 2 based Optimus 2X manages to easily outpace both the Samsung Galaxy S and iPhone 4, which is no small feat considering their spec. The Optimus 2X is surprisingly responsive and clearly outpaces the competition in some basic everyday tests.

However, one of the most impressive features is not sheer graphics performance, but rather HDMI support. In a video featuring some nice Korean daytime TV, the Optimus 2X shows its prowess as a media player, capable of delivering 1080p.

You can check out the clips here.

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