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Intel P45 and G45 to cost the same

by on17 January 2008

The chipsets, that is

It seems that Intel is worried enough about Nvidia's upcoming integated graphics solution to take a completley new step to prevent Nvidia from gaining market share, and it's simply by selling the G45 chipset for the same price as the P45 chipset to motherboard makers.

In the past and even now, Intel has always charged a price premium for its integrated graphics parts, as these are more costly to develop and to manufacture, but alas, the next generation of chipsets from Intel will cost the same.

We also understand that Intel won't be charging a huge premium for the P/G45 over the current P35, which is also good news. It seems like Intel is feeling the squeeze, but at least the company doesn't have too much of a hard time doing something about it.

Both chipsets should support dual x8 PCIe slots as well, so we might see some high-end G45 boards in the months to come.
Last modified on 18 January 2008
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