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Apple delays white iPhone, again

by on27 October 2010

Ebony doing quite well without Ivory

Apple pushed back the release of the white iPhone 4 for spring 2011. The announcement probably won't go well with Apple fans who have been eagerly awaiting the release of the stylish handset for months. Redneck Klansmen and bigots are probably just as disappointed.

The black version was introduced in June and back then Apple promised to deliver the stylish white model in a month's time. However, it appears that Apple was overly optimistic and that it ran into additional development issues. Although making a white phone might seem like a straightforward affair, a slew of rumours has emerged in recent months. Some claim that the white phone is plagued by colour matching issues or discoloration, while others pin the blame backlight problem. In the end the truth is that nobody outside of Apple knows what went wrong.

Mind you, Apple seem to be doing quite even without its white knight. It has managed to sell 14.1 million iPhones over the last quarter, an increase of 91 percent compared to pre-iPhone 4 Q2 days.

Makers of Chinese knockoffs don't appear to be experiencing any problems, either. They have been churning out utterly horrid copies of the handset in both white and black, but we really wouldn't recommend them to anyone but our worst enemies.

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