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Predicted Hero struggle to continue

by on26 October 2010

Both releases could fail to hit 1 million sold
Activision could continue to be in for a struggle on both its Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock and DJ Hero 2 titles. Some analysts believe that two titles could struggle to achieve 1 million units sold combined during the 4th quarter of this year. Both titles were recently released by publisher Activision.

The news that both Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock and DJ Hero 2 are struggling could mean that future of music games might be clouded. Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock was said to take the franchise in a new direction; while DJ Hero 2 hoped to address the complaints from the first DJ Hero and move the title forward by adding much more than the first title had to offer. It would seem, however, that both titles are being largely ignored so far by buyers.

A number of analysts are telling us they believe that moving forward the music games trend could have run its course, and it might be rather irrelevant going forward. As one analyst told us, “…it would appear that publishers are going to struggle to recapture the success that they have had in this segment in future releases, as it seems that many players have simply moved on from these types of games.”

If this is true, it would seem that the music games had a much shorter shelf life than many might have predicted.

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