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Angelbird ships SSD package

by on20 October 2010

Coming up with new ideas in competitive market
British based SSD maker Angelbird is fighting off opposition with an interesting storage upgrade system.

The Angelbird Wings package is a PCIe SSD that allows users to to add more storage to the system easily. The Angelbird Wings card hosts single drives, dual drives, or a quad-SSD configuration depending on budget and storage requirements.
Each drive uses the outfit's SSD 'transformable expansion cartridges,' 120GB SSDs based on SandForce controllers.

The Angelbird Wings promises full boot compatibility with Linux, Windows, and Mac OS X systems, and comes with the option of a dedicated partition to store an OS disc image plus drivers. This all makes it a doodle to install. In a press release the outfit said that a fully-populated four-module Wings card has been measured at 1.02GB/s for reads and 900MB/s for writes.

Angelbird is launching the Wings cards in the US. A single-module card will cost $540, a dual-module card $840  and a quad-module card $1400.
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