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Blizzard denies cutting off solo cheats

by on14 October 2010

Claims they were also multi-player cheats
Maker of StarCraft II, Blizzard has denied that it is cutting off StarCraft II players just for using single-player cheats.

PR Manager for Blizzard Bob Colayco has told Fudzilla that there has been a lot of confusion in the last couple of days about the suspensions and bans meted out to players caught cheating in StarCraft II.

“It's important to point out first, that many of the 3rd-party hacks and cheats developed for StarCraft II contain both single- and multiplayer functionality,” he said. In order to protect the integrity of multiplayer competition, we are actively detecting cheat programs used in multiplayer modes whether there are human opponents or not, he added.

So in other words it does not matter if you are playing a single-player game if you are using the cheat and could go into multi-player modes you will get hammered.

“Players who opt to use any type of 3rd party hacks do so at their own risk. There are already built-in cheat codes for StarCraft II single-player that can be used safely,” Colayco said.

Blizzard Entertainment said that it has always taken cheating seriously and will continue to aggressively crackdown on players who cheat in its games.
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