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Shuttle going down market in 2008

by on09 January 2008

A lot less high-end models

According to information from a very reliable source, Shuttle is looking at changing its business strategy for at least the first half of 2008 by targeting the value segment of the market. The KPC announced at CES is only one of many new lower-cost barebone products from the company.

However, it's not all despair, as the company is planning to release an X48 model this quarter and it looks as if they're working on some P and G45 based models, as well as some AMD models, but we don't have any specifics on these at the moment.

The X48 model should be called SX48P2 Deluxe, and it should offer support for CrossFire with two single slot cards. It won't be cheap, though, soexpect a street price at well over US$400.

For the rest of the line up, it seems like Shuttle is concentrating on entry level Intel chipsets, such as the G31, and there might even be some GeForce 8200 models for AMD later this year.

From what we understand, Shuttle has also canceled its plans to launch a new, slightly bigger chassis with three or four slots, as the President of the company didn't like this idea halfway through the product development cycle, and we think this is a great shame. Our understanding of the new chassis and motherboard design was that it would only be about 2cm wider than the current models and would allow you to run a pair of dual slot graphics cards in it.
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