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After Fermi in 2H 2011 comes 28nm Kepler

by on21 September 2010

GTC 2010: Maxwell in 2013

Nvidia just showed that after Fermi comes Kepler. This is a 28nm new processor that should get three to four times faster than Fermi. Nvidia hopes to achieve 4 to 6 Dual precision Gflops per Watt, while Fermi is less than 2 DP Gflops performance per watt.

Kepler comes in 2011 and its a 28nm part and goes in production next year.  In 2013 Nvida hopes to introduce Maxwell, a 16 times improvement in performance for parallel computing.

Kepler comes from Johanes Kepler German scientist that worked at Univesity of Graz, who after Kopernik spend a lot of time researching on astrology.

We just got an update from jensen where the chap said that Kepler comes aligned with 28nm, so in the second part of the year. Yes the big boss said that Kepler comes in second half of 2011.

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