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Gigabyte shows Sandy Bridge P67 motherboard

by on15 September 2010

4 PCIe slots for lot of SLI/CF

We managed to score some pictures of Gigabyte’s latest P67-based Sandy Bridge motherboard dubbed Gigabyte GA P67A-UD7.

The board is black, made with enthusiasts in mind and it comes with 24-phase power VRMs designed for dual power switching. It supports only Socket 1155 Sandy Bridge based CPUs and the board is based on the P67 chipset, Intel’s high end chipset for these CPUs.

It supports dual channel memory DDR3 of course as well as SATA 3.0. It does support USB 3.0 but via an external chip, as USB 3.0 is not supported in 6-series chipsets. Let’s not forget about the four PCIe slots for three-way SLI and three-way Crossfire that will come in handy to many graphics users.

The board also has two LAN ports, SPDIF, four external USBs that can power your devices, Optical out, and 5.1 analog connectors. This is what the board looks like.




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