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TGT’s 850MHz GTX 460 to start next week

by on19 August 2010


BEAST after slight delay

The heads in charge of Point of View are claiming there's a huge demand for TGT overclocked parts and we can confirm that 850MHz card is literally around the corner.

According to TGT related sources, the new Geforce GTX 460 clocked at 850MHz should ship next week, some three weeks later than originally expected, but still this looks to be the fastest GTX 460 ever launched.

We’ve tested the 820MHz clocked version that was already the fastest GTX 460 that we’ve ever tested, and it looks like that the story is not over, as the company will launch GTX 460 with 768MB of memory clocked at 850MHz.

The card will be branded "Beast" and it looks like it has a lot of potential. The competition is definitely not sleeping though, and we expect that someone will at least try to match some of these clocks.

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