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Xbox 360 commercial used PS3 footage

by on18 August 2010

Commercial banned
A Final Fantasy XIII commercial for Xbox 360 has been pulled by the British Advertising Standards Authority for using PS3 footage.

One user apparently complained about this, and after careful examination, the ASA found him to be right. They say that they “noted there was a discernible difference in the picture quality of the two - the PS3 image in video sequences appeared sharper and colours were more vivid than those of the XBOX 360."

ASA banned the commercial from British television although it will matter little as the game was launched a while back. Still, it does make you think whether Xbox 360’s quality benchmark is exactly what the PS3 can do. Not to mention what kind of user discerns PS3 and Xbox 360 graphics at a glance.

More here.

Last modified on 18 August 2010
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