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by on27 July 2010

Not enough parts
HTC has said that it will use SLCD display technology from Sony on its latest batch of mobile phones, instead of the AMOLED screens supplied by Samsung.

The problem is that the use of AMOLED in the Droid Incredible and the HTC Desire has lead to a shortage of handsets. There are simply not enough AMOLED screens out there. The Taiwan-based manufacturer, which produces most phones running the Google Android OS, said it is experiencing high demand for many of its phones, specifically for handsets with 3.7-inch displays.

SLCD displays will offer a "comparable visual experience" to its current 3.7-inch displays, and increase battery life because they are five times less power-hungry than Samsung's AMOLED displays, HTC said.

"HTC believes that both technologies offer exceptional user experiences, and we will employ both types of displays concurrently within our current product lineup," the company said in its statement. The first HTC phones with SLCD displays are due later this summer.

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