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Centipede & Star Raiders remakes coming

by on19 July 2010

Atari will again dip into the past for more sales
The news that Atari is working on a total revamped overhaul of the Atari 2600 title, Haunted House, was a bit of a surprise; and as we told you, the company was looking at other titles for potential remakes, as well. Apparently, they looked much closer than we were told, as we are now hearing that Atari is planning to revisit both Centipede and Star Raiders, as well.

For Centipede and Star Raiders, this isn’t the first time that a reinvention of these titles has been attempted. As for Star Raiders, this represents an interesting choice, as the Star Raiders II was never that well received and the canceled Star Raiders 2000 never was actually released using the Star Raiders branding on the Jaguar.

Centipede continues to this day to be one of the most popular games of all time, spawning multiple conversions on a variety of platforms. Star Raiders, on the other hand, was the game that launched Atari’s entry into the home computer market with the 400/800 models. The game on the 400/800/5200 was quite popular and never quite got the sequel that it deserved.

We are cautious about the popularity and chances for success with a Centipede remake; but Star Raiders, on the other hand, we think presents a rich potential for much success for a new re-imagined HD version of the title. No details have emerged on how soon we might expect these two offerings to arrive; but we expect a confirmation from Atari with an estimated release date before the end of the year if our sources are correct.
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