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StarCraft II took over $100 million to make

by on19 July 2010

A big bet on potential success of the title
Activision and Blizzard have pumped a lot of money into the development of StarCraft II. We have learned that the company has pumped over $100 million dollars into the title, and that does not even include the marketing support that the title will receive for its release.

The news that the company has so much invested in the title isn’t really that big of a surprise when you realize that the title has actually been in development since 2003; although Blizzard didn’t actually confirm its development status until 2007. The first StarCraft title reportedly sold over 11+ million units during its lifetime.

The amount of money spent on StarCraft II does rival several other big name titles, most notably Grand Theft Auto IV, which also cost over $100 million to produce. With the amount of money that the company has invested in StarCraft II, the company is all in on the potential success for the title long-term. StarCraft II features a host of new features as well a totally new make-over for to allow for better matchmaking and achievements as two of the major offerings. The game is still on track for release on July 27th for the PC and Mac platforms.
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