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1 vs 100 is still in limbo

by on14 July 2010

No news on third season on Xbox
Despite the massive popularity of Microsoft’s 1 vs. 100 interactive game show for Xbox Live, the company has been quiet about if and when the game show will make its return for a third season on Xbox Live. Sources tell us that apparently the company has not yet made a decision whether or not 1 vs 100 will return to Xbox Live.

Microsoft has always been talking about interactive and customized programming for Xbox Live as part of the package, and 1 vs. 100 was the first attempt to move in this direction (and quite a successful one at that). Whispers we hear have suggested that issues with cost might be the biggest reason that Microsoft isn’t so eager to continue with 1 vs. 100. Sources tell us that the cost of all of the Xbox points that they were giving away, on top of the lack of corporate sponsors to support the show, might be the reasons for the delay while Microsoft looks to revise their strategy for the show.

It would seem that even the voice of 1 vs 100, Chris Cashman, has no idea of the future of interactive game show for Xbox Live.  Microsoft isn’t commenting on the future of the show beyond the standard company line that they have nothing to announce at this time. Questions concerning season 3 have also gone unanswered in Microsoft’s own 1 vs 100 forums.

Fans of the game show are eager for it to return, but if our sources are right and it is a question of money, it could spell the end for the series unless they are able to find a more lucrative business model for the show. In the meantime, fans have little choice other than to wait for word from on high.
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