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Firefox 4 beta looks promising

by on07 July 2010

HTML5, CSS3, new tabs, improved UI
Firefox is about to enter its fourth generation and unlike previous revisions, version 4 should bring quite a few novelties.

There are quite a few cosmetic changes. For example, tabs have been relocated to the top of the screen, much like in Google’s Chrome. There’s also a new switch-to-tab feature and a ‘Firefox’ button which should reduce clutter in the UI.

Firefox 4 will also offer quite a few new features under the bonnet. It packs a new add-on manager to help reduce bloating and will supposedly improve privacy. There’s also some new technologies to look forward to. It will support HTML5, CSS3, JetPack SDK, new web console and websocket protocols.
Most importantly, Mozilla claims it will be “faster, faster, faster”.

Check it out, here.
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