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A third of women addicted to Facebook

by on07 July 2010

Like shoes, only cheaper
According to a study published by Oxygen Media, young women are growing increasingly addicted to Facebook.

One in three lasses check Facebook before they even get to the bathroom and they also exhibit a few other disturbing behavior patterns. For example, 50 percent of them see nothing wrong in having complete strangers as Facebook friends. Some 42 percent see nothing wrong in posting photos of themselves in a visibly intoxicated state, while 79 percent are ok with kissing in photos. Actually we don’t object to the latter two.

Interestingly as many as 50 percent of young women would go out with someone they’ve just “met” on Facebook. Nearly the same number, 49 percent, believe it’s fine to access their boyfriend’s account and check whether he’s messing around. Since men are faithful only if they don’t have, hm, options, this could be an issue.

The vast majority of women don’t think breaking up over Facebook is ok, but we guess it’s still better than a text, or fax.

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