Europe’s top court says Facebook can be sued by consumer groups
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Privacy violations

Facebook could be sued by consumer groups for privacy violations, an adviser to Europe's top court said.

Facebook fined £50 million
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UK antitrust watchdog bites

The BBC is reporting that Facebook has been fined a record £50 million by the UK's Competition and Markets Authority.

Facebook considers changing its name
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We want to focus on the metaverse

The dark satanic rumour mill has manufactured a hell on earth rumour that claims that Facebook is going to change its name.

Facebook admits that AI can’t stop hate speech
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One in every 2000 posts still contain it

Social notworking site Facebook’s Guy Rosen, who has the unfortunate title of head of integrity, admitted that one in every 2,000 content views on Facebook still contained hate speech from April to June of this year.

US Navy loses a Facebook page to hackers
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Still better than losing Pearl Harbour

The US Navy has lost control of the official Facebook page for its destroyer-class warship, the USS Kidd. Someone has hacked the page and, for the past two days, done nothing but stream Age of Empires.

Facebook goes darker than Zuckerburg’s soul
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Bad day for the Social Notworking King

Mark Zuckerburg was having a bad day yesterday after a whistleblower revealed dark deeds and his glorious social notworking empire crashed to its knees due to a bizarre DNS flaw.

FTC refiles monopoly claim against Facebook
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Trying to revive a dismissed case

US antitrust officials refiled their monopoly lawsuit against social notworking giant Facebook, seeking to salvage the landmark case a judge threw out in June.

Facebook stalls sales of the Oculus Quest 2
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Causes skin reactions

Facebook said on Tuesday that it is temporarily halting sales of the Oculus Quest 2, a month before a planned update to a new entry-level model with more onboard storage.

Facebook cleared of two antitrust cases
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Charges too vague

A US federal court has dismissed two separate antitrust lawsuits filed against Facebook.

Facebook comes the raw pawn down under
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Set to test the world's toughest content law 

Australia's competition watchdog is looking into a claim that Facebook refused a publisher's request to negotiate a licensing deal and it appears that the social networker is heading for a showdown over the countries tough online content law.