Facebook deletes Russian firm's accounts
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Data scraping

Facebook has disabled dozens of accounts and profiles belonging to Russian database provider SocialDataHub for what it termed the unauthorised collection of user data.

Cook slags off Facebook for stealing data
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Comment: Two tax dodgers have a handbag war over morality

Fruity cargo cult Apple is trying to take the moral high ground against Facebook and neither side really understand that they should be shutting their mouths and staying quiet.

Facebook faces huge EU fine
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Even if only a small number of hacked customers lived in the EU

Last week's hack of 50 million Facebook customers might have mostly been outside of the EU, but that does not stop the commission throwing the book at the social notworking site.

US IT giants spend fortunes stamping out competition
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Capitalism in action

US tech giants are spending fortunes keeping rivals away from their monopolies, according to a new report from Bloomberg.

Online firms face EU fine if extremist posts up for an hour
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Take down will have to be rapid

The European Union’s chief executive on Wednesday proposed fining Google, Facebook, Twitter and other online platforms if they fail to remove extremist content within one hour.

France and Germany working out how to tax big tech
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France suggests a sunset clause

The European Union is working out a way to tax big tech and thinks that an agreement could still be found by the end of the year.

Facebook notes “coordinated political influence campaign”
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Putin on a brave face just in time for the US elections

Facebook is expected to announce that it has identified a coordinated political influence campaign, with dozens of inauthentic accounts and pages that are believed to be engaging in political activity ahead of November's midterm elections.

Facebook pulls plug on third party tools
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Zuckerberg regrets – but…

From tomorrow Facebook will stop accepting third party tools sharing posts automatically to FB Profiles.

Facebook screws up on privacy front again
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Grovels to 14 million people

A Facebook bug means that 14 million people may have posted their private information to the whole of the world that uses the social media tool.

Facebook admits sharing data with the Chinese
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Apparently some people have a problem with that

Facebook has admitted that it has data sharing partnerships with at least four Chinese companies.