Facebook screws up on privacy front again
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Grovels to 14 million people

A Facebook bug means that 14 million people may have posted their private information to the whole of the world that uses the social media tool.

Facebook admits sharing data with the Chinese
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Apparently some people have a problem with that

Facebook has admitted that it has data sharing partnerships with at least four Chinese companies.

Zuckerberg says sorry to Europe
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But some European politicians want a break up of Facebook

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has apologised to EU lawmakers for the company's role in the Cambridge Analytica scandal and for allowing fake news to swamp the site.

Qualcomm and Facebook team for 60GHz 802.11 ay WiFi
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802.11 ay mmWave, 10 Gbps+ speeds

It is not every day you hear that Facebook and Qualcomm go out out in public announcing a plan to work together to deliver high speed internet connectivity with Facebook Terragraph technology through the development of a multi-node wireless system based on 60GHz technology from Qualcomm. This can result in 10Gbps speeds.

Cambridge Analytica told to hand over US data
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UK watchdog growls and sends an angry missive

Britain’s data privacy watchdog has growled and told Cambridge Analytica to hand over all the personal information it holds on a US academic.

Oculus Go is out in 23 countries
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$199 in the US, €219 in Europe

the Facebook  announced Oculus Go standalone VR back in October and yesterday, at the F8 conference, the company announced that it started shipping it to 23 countries.

Facebook working out how to limit EU law's impact
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This is going to end well

Social notworking site Facebook is squaring up to take on the EU by directly attempting to circumvent its new privacy laws to minimise its effect on the company.

Never mind Facebook - look at AOL and Yahoo
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While the focus is on Facebook, AOL and Yahoo are reading your emails again

While politicians are pretending to attack Facebook over its sharing of data with Cambridge Analytica, it seems that AOL and Yahoo have been quietly getting on with the serious business of reading your emails while no one is paying them any attention.

US senate committe gives Zuckerburg an easy ride
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Easy to answer conspiracy theories

We expected Mark Zuckerburg to get an easy ride from US senators yesterday after it was revealed that Facebook had given most of them on average $6,000 lobbying money over the years, but some of the questions he received were just daft. Our favourite was an easy-to-refute conspiracy theory that Facebook listens in on your conversations via microphones to display relevant ads.

Woz quits Facebook over privacy concerns
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Users get none of the profits back

The brains behind Apple, dancing queen and all round good bloke Steve Wozniak has quit the social notworking site Facebook over growing concern for the carelessness with which Facebook and other Internet companies treat the private information of users.