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AT&T's network slows to a crawl

by on07 July 2010

iPhone users complain
If it was not bad enough that they had just bought a broken phone, new iPhone 4 users are finding that when they can connect to AT&T's network it gives them upload speeds slower than an asthmatic turtle going uphill with a heavy load of shopping.

Iphone Flaw users are forced to use the AT&T network because Apple's spiritual leader decreed that anyone who doesn't shall be considered naughty in his sight. However there are doubts that AT&T can handle the sort of traffic that iPhone users need. Concerns have been raised about this problem for some time but with the introduction of the iPhone Flaw, which can only be used by right handed people that the AT&T network is getting beyond a joke.

Upload speeds on AT&T’s network have fallen to below 100 Kbps which is a speed which you used to get in dial-up days. NYC fanboys were reporting pitiful upload speeds below 100 Kbps even when download speeds often stayed above 1 Mpbs. writer Eliot Buskirk moaned he was getting a 27 Kbps upload on Tuesday. The speeds are getting worse. In Seattle, users were getting 525 Kbps down on Friday, but that number fell to 97, 131, and 101, on Friday, Saturday and Monday respectively. Minneapolis upload speeds for iPhones were about 600 Kbps on Friday, falling to 85, 121 and 89, on average, for the long weekend. recorded similar results for Baltimore; Boston; Cincinnati; Cleveland; Columbus, Ohio; Denver; Des Moines, Iowa; Detroit; Fairfax, Virginia; Houston; Kansas City, Missouri; Las Vegas; New York; Orlando, Florida; Phoenix; St. Paul, Minnesota; Salt Lake City; and Washington, D.C.

A spokesman for AT&T said the company will explain the situation soon which means that either there is a major problem or AT&T has decided to cap iPhone users.
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