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Top TDP for Sandy Bridge is 95W

by on06 July 2010
Most likely Quad?

Intel plans many Sandy Bridge CPUs and the top TDP of the ones in the pile is 95W. Sandy Bridge is confirmed to be dual- or quad-core and in both cases it will come with integrated graphics.

Together with Intel's improved graphics core the top TDP of Sandy Bridge should stop at 95W. This is actually quite a nice number considering that Intel has many quad-cores that easily go over this TDP number even without an integrated graphics core.

The other iteration of Sandy Bridge includes 65W, 45W and minimal 35W TPD dissipating CPU. All Sandy Bridge CPUs are scheduled for Q1 2011 and they need Intel 6 series of chipsets and of course, the brand new LGA 1155 socket for desktop parts.

Last modified on 06 July 2010
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