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Milo & Kate still in development

by on30 June 2010

Look for a possible release next year
Despite Internet rumors yesterday proclaiming that Milo & Kate (which was a technology demo shown when Kinect was still known as Natal) was dead, our sources now are confirming that this is absolutely incorrect.

While it is true that the 2009 technology demo that Microsoft used from project Milo was in that form a technology demo, development continues on project Milo at Lionhead Studios. Many have described the original Milo & Kate technology demo as innovative and maybe a bit creepy, but its absence at E3 seemed to fuel the rumor mill that the project had been canned.

From the whispers that we hear now, the project is apparently slated for a release during 2011. The stars of the Kinect launch will be focused on Kinect Sports and Dance Central by third-party developer Harmonix. Analysts seem to agree that these two titles seem to have gotten the biggest response and interest from gamers and Microsoft will be the company’s flagship titles for the Kinect launch.
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