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Nintendo says there is life in the Wii yet

by on17 June 2010

Too late for gold watch

Nintendo says that there is still some life in its Wii games console and it is too early to write it off.

Sales in the console have been dropping as Microsoft's X-Box and Sony PS3 start to gain market share. Finally, Nintendo's competition appears to have finally gotten around to bringing in motion controllers, which means that the only technology advantage the Wii had has gone.

However Nintendo President Satoru Iwata told Reuters that despite decelerating sales growth, there is life yet in the Wii and that updates of popular games like Metroid, Donkey Kong and Wii Party will keep it moving off store shelves. He seems to be banking on the Wiis third-party game developers to keep the beast alive.

"I do not think that there is an immediate need to replace the Wii console. But of course, at some point in the future, the need will arise," Iwata said. "We currently do not have an answer as to what point in the future that need will come."

He added that when the time comes for Nintendo to have a second slash at the Wii, it can get third-party support coupled with their own properties, and thus will be able to “create a very healthy environment for that platform."

Last modified on 21 June 2010
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