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VIA's little baby pico ITX

by on22 April 2007


VIA defines Pico-ITX form factor

VIA announced the world smallest native x86 mainboard measuring at 100mm x 72m. It is about 75% smaller then mini-ITX boards.



Just for comparison, here are the current small form factors.

VIA Form Factor Dimensions
Mini-ITX 17cm x 17cm
Nano-ITX 12cm x 12cm
Pico-ITX 10cm x 7.2cm


The Pico-ITX form factor is all about VIA's focus on enhancing power efficiency. It has been designed to be powered by VIA's energy efficient processor platforms, such as the VIA C7 or VIA Eden processor, and based around one of the new breed of VIA's system media processors. The board includes all-in-one digital media IGP chipsets such as the VX700, which combines core logic, multimedia, connectivity and storage technologies within a highly integrated single-chip package.

This board will surely find its way into many new solutions. We hope to see it soon. 




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