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Auran enters ?voluntary administration?

by on14 December 2007


Fury never lived up to the hype

developer Auran has gone into “voluntary administration,” and the company has laid off all of its staff this afternoon. According to rumors, the Australian gaming studio who was responsible for the $13 million dollar game, Fury, will meet in roughly one month to figure out if the company will go the liquidation route, or follow the path of a restructuring. Over 70 employees who were working for the developer at the time were let go.

Some of the developers may return to form a core group that will be responsible for future developments on Fury. Fury was not very well received by the gaming community or the press, which dealt a major blow to this online role-playing game. The Fury servers will not be shut down, instead the game will receive a major overhaul to the subscription model and the game will not be a “free to download and play” title.

While Fury didn’t set the world on fire, the title did show some promise in some areas, and with the new “free to download and play” model that the game is moving to, interest in the game might be rekindled.

Last modified on 14 December 2007
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