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Nvidia has 80 percent of Calpella discrete market

by on11 December 2009


The rest is ATI 

Since Intel doesn’t have any discrete chips for notebooks or desktops and since it postponed Larrabee GPU experiment, if you want something better than Intel’s GMA (Graphics Media Accelerator) IGP, you are stuck with Nvidia or ATI.

With the next generation Calpella 32 / 45nm powered platform that comes with either Lynnfield 45nm quad core or dual 32nm Arrandale core, Nvidia might have the winning hand.

ATI got most of Montevina refresh designs this summer, and as of this winter, Nvidia will get in much more notebooks with its discrete mobile chips. Our sources are claiming Nvidia will end up with close to 80 percent of the Calpella discreet market, leaving some 20 percent to ATI. Nvidia’s summer announcement of 40nm graphics chips was good aligned with postponement of Calpella platform and this is one of the big reasons why Nvidia got most of the designs. The timing was right.

ATI has three new DirectX 11 notebook GPUs that are aligned for January launch, but this was simply too late for many Calpella designs that are finished months ago.

Again, with Calpella refresh both companies might have an equal chance as by that time, all should have DirectX 11 notebook hardware.

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