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Acer releases first 3D laptop

by on08 December 2009


Coming at you

has officially released what it is calling the world's first laptop with a 3D display.

The Acer 5738DZG is a widescreen, 15.6in model. The 3-D effect is achieved by a transparent polarising filter overlaid on the screen, which splits images into separate streams for each eye.

It only works if you are looking at the screen straight on and you are looking through a pair of polarising glasses. It works best when you look at movies for 3D trailers and the beast comes with some installed on its 500GB hard drive.

The laptop is based on software called TriDef 3D, which can also add three dimensions to PC games and DVD and video footage. Unfortunately you get washed-out colours by wearing the glasses and half the screen resolution as the video signal is split in two.

It is based on an Intel dual-core running at 2.1GHz, and 4GB of RAM. The 3D version costs £560 and the machine is retailing for £460 without it.
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