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Dell officially outs insanely thin Adamo XPS

by on06 November 2009



Dell has finally launched its perversely thin Adamo XPS 13-incher. At just 9.9mm thick, or thin, the XPS is by far the thinnest notebook on the market and it might cause neck trauma as envious slobs marvel in its magnificence.

However, we're pushing it here. While the styling is impressive, we're a bit concerned about its ergonomics. Frankly this thing just doesn't look like something that will sit nicely in your lap. True, neither will lapdancers, but they are somewhat cheaper, a lot cheaper in fact. The XPS will set you back at least $1799, and for that kind of money a lapdancer will let you type on her, among other things.


The Adamo XPS packs a Core 2 Duo at 1.4GHz, GS45 chipset, 4GB of DDR3 and a 128GB SSD. With all this in mind, the $1799 price tag doesn't sound too bad, especially considering the original Adamo 13 launch price of $1999 or Apple's MacBook Air pricing. We're just not sold on the keyboard design.
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