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Asus ION - Atom 330 netbook confirmed

by on14 October 2009


Dual core Atom and Ion on Win 7
broke the news and then they took it down, but we managed to confirm that Asus 1201HA with a dual-core Atom 330 and Ion chipset is the real deal.

Our sources confirmed that after Windows 7 becomes official Asus will dare to launch this product. This netbook should ship with Windows 7 Home Premium and has a 12-inch glare screen. The glare screen naturally spoils the fun of this unique product, but at least we hope that this is first of many dual-core Atom + ION based netbooks.

Remember Asrock, a subsidiary of Asus, has already announced such as netbook for Asian market and now the big brand wants a piece of this pie as well.

The only issue is power consumption, as a dual-core Atom and Ion won’t be really a very power efficient solution as they both dissipate approximately 20W, which should be a bit more than on average Atom single-core + Intel 945 chipset.

We also learned that there will be more Asus Ion-based designs to launch. 

Last modified on 14 October 2009
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