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Acer recalls 13-inch Timelines

by on12 October 2009


Overheating issues

Here are
some rather bad news for Acer Timeline owners. The outfit is recalling a bunch of its 13-inch models, AS3410, AS3810T, AS3810TG, AS3810TZ and AS3810TZG to be exact.

The recalled models can suffer from overheating, leading to deformations on the chassis and system malfunctions. A cable under the left palm rest seems to be the culprit and Acer wants to replace the cable in question.

It seems that business oriented Acer Travelmate 8731 models are not affected, although they use the same chassis as the consumer oriented 3810.

This really doesn't bode well for Acer, as it has aggressively marketed its thin-and-light Timeline series, and it managed grab a lot of market share in this emerging segment.

You can check whether your Timeline is affected here.

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