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Asus launchesTimeline killers

by on08 September 2009


CULV-based UL series in four form factors

has launched a new series of CULV-based notebooks, to take on Acer's Timeline series.

The UL50A is a 15.6-incher designed to take on Acer's 5810T. At386x259x16-26mm and 2.3kg it is slightly smaller and lighter than theTimeline, and it looks pretty good, too. It's worth mentioning that itpacks an 8-cell battery, which should offer superior endurance comparedto the Acer. Asus claims you could expect up to 12 hours on a singlecharge.

As for the hardware, it will pack single and dual Celerons, SU3500single cores and SU7300 dual cores with 4GB of memory and 500GB ofstorage. Asus also included a discrete graphics option in the guise ofNvidia's G210M with 512MB of memory. Not bad at all, but thanks to allthese goodies it ends up slightly pricier than the 15.6-inch Timeline.European e-tailers are already listing the UL50 at €699. The cheapestTimeline costs €599, but it not as well spec'd as the UL50A.


The UL30A is a 13.3-inch model, measuring 322 x 232 x 14.8-24.2mm andweighing 1.5kg it is slightly smaller than the 13-inch Timeline 3810Tand it will over a wider choice of CPUs, including dual-core Celerons.

The UL20A is the smallest of the lot, a 12-incher measuring 296x210x25.1mm and weighing in at 1.5kg.

The 14-inch UL80A measures 338 x 240 x 14-26.8mm and weighs 2kg. Itoffers the widest range of options and configurations, ranging fromsingle and dual core Celerons, and offering optional discrete graphics

You can find the full specs here.
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