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Llano Fusion is DirectX 11

by on04 September 2009


Still 2011, 32nm

We got a few more details about 2011 APU, which is graphics core and CPU brought together on a single, 32nm core and developed natively.

The spec includes DirectX 11 graphics core inside of this CPU, which is something to be happy about. In 2011, this will be the hottest DirectX as we don't believe that DirectX 12 can come that early. Microsoft is about to release DirectX 11 officially with Windows 7 in late October and this one should last a while.

The rest of the spec includes third generation of UVD which gives us a hint that the core that they might be using in Llano is actually going to be very similar to Cedar value or Redwood mainstream desktop chips or a mobile version codenamed Park.

The spec also includes PCIe 2.0 this is all part of Sabine (river) platform and can be expected at some point of 2011.

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