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HD3870 available in the EU

by on10 December 2007


HD3850 512MB for €

We checked Europe's price search engines for HD3870 cards, hoping to find some of them in stock. Last week, we managed to find a couple in German stores, but the prices were far from acceptable, at 260 to 270 Euro.

The situation has improved, but just barely. A couple of stores are listing GeCube and PowerColor cards at some ugly prices. The cheapest one goes for €239 Euro, and we just can't say this is a good deal. As soon as they become available in numbers you should expect prices in the 190-210 Euro range.

You're much better off if you're looking for an HD3850 with 512MB of memory. You can get Sapphire's HD3850 512MB for €169 at, and in Austria Ditech is listing GeCube cards for €169 too, here. Starting at €191, a couple of German retailers are offering Club3D's overclocked with non-reference heatpiped dual slot cooler here.

Happy hunting.

Last modified on 11 December 2007
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