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Top Arrandale 32nm is Core i7 620M

by on24 August 2009


35W for CPU+GPU

What a mess. Intel will call both Clarksfield 45nm quad-core and Arrandale 32nm dual-core with 45nm graphics Core i7. The Core i7 brand will definitely bring a lot of confusion to the mobile market, as some of the Core i7 parts will have four cores and some only two.

The top Arrandale will end up with the Core i7 620M brand and it will work at 2.66GHz with Intel's Turbo feature. It will be able to overclock at least one of its cores all the way to 3.33GHz which probably means that this might be the fastest Intel dual-core notebook to date.

The GPU will work at 500MHz, which is much less than with discrete products, where the GPU of this integrated CPU can reach 900MHz, but at the same time Core i7 620M will have maximal overall TDP of 35W. It has two cores and four threads, works with DDR3 1066 and has 4MB of L3 cache.

Introduction time is Q1 2010.

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