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ECS and MSI not too keen on smartbooks

by on05 August 2009


Waiting to gauge market response

According to Digitimes, Elitegroup and MSI aren't too keen to launch ARM-based smartbooks, and they will probably wait to see how other players do in the market.

We're expecting quite a few smartbooks in Q4, when Acer, Foxconn, Compal and Pegatron are expected to launch their first models. However, Asus, ECS and MSI are choosing to sit this round out, and wait to see how the market responds to the new concept.

Asus practically created the netbook market, while MSI was one of the pioneers in the netbook market, and its Wind series is still going strong. ECS, on the other hand, had already received orders  for smartbooks, which were subsequently canceled.

In case everything goes smoothly, you could see the three skeptical vendors launching their own smartbooks in Q1 2010, or maybe even later.

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