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Nvidia demos Tegra based notebook

by on07 April 2009


Unplug Atom, plug in Tegra

If you
do some modifications to an Atom based notebook, you can plug a Tegra ARM based CPU inside. Tegra is Nvidia’s CPU with graphics and rest of the chipset, something that Nvidia wants to sell to mobile phone and MID manufacturers.

Tegra was announced at Computex 2008, and the first devices are slowly showing up, while Nvidia expects and hopes that big mobile phone manufacturers will start using it by the end of the year, but of course, they cannot pre-announce any of them.

A Tegra based notebook was demonstrated at CTIA and we’ve learned that this was a modified HP Atom based notebook and with a few modifications, Nvidia managed to plug a Tegra based CPU into it and run Windows CE on it.

We’ve seen Tegra, Playstation portable formatted device and we can tell you that this small device looks rather impressive but you also have to bear in mind that Intel plans its Menlow platform for similar purpose and Intel can probably squeeze better battery life out of its Atom based MID platform.

The point is, it can be done and it is now up to OEMs to bring such a notebook to market.

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