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Bosnian band offers album for free download

by on20 October 2007


We believe in free MP3 distribution

My old friends with musical backgrounds have an interesting band called [Machina], and they've just released their second album. The most interesting fact for Fudzilla readers is that Tony Mahagony and Edward Vulgarius, the two chaps responsible for this band, have offered all of their music for free. You simply go to their Website and download the songs.

The second album is available free of charge, but you can order a CD and purchase it if you want to support the band.

We spoke with Mahagony back in Leipzig at the time of Games Convention and he said that he believes in free download of his content. The most interesting part is that he came up with this idea before Radiohead decided to go for the concept:  pay whatever you want for our album. You can also purchase an album to support the band if you wish to do so.

As we are in the business of offering all of our stories to our readers free of charge, we definitely agree with and support  [Machina] and we wish them the best of luck with their careers.

You can check the band at myspace here or download both first and second albums here.

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