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Warhammer 40k: Dawn of War II detailed

by on22 August 2008


Games Convention 08: Tyranids are back

We had a chance to take a look at Relic´s new Warhammer 40k: Dawn of War II game, and as far as the Warhammer series this one should end up the best one ever as Relic decided to somewhat step out of the classical RTS boundaries. The game is based on an upgraded, or should we say pimped Company of Heroes engine which makes sure that the game is at it best as far as the graphics goes.

The new thing are Tyranids which are the one of the races from the Warhammer 40k world which was never introduced in previous parts. As we said previously, Relic decided to step out of classical RTS boundaries, at least as far as the campaign is considered. As for now Relic is talking only about the Space Marines campaign, and it is still not confirmed whether the rest of the races will be playable in the campaign.

The story behind the Space Marines campaign is that the Tyranids, the Borg and "Alien the movie" mixture like swarm race which is basically driven by instinct trying to take over the planets in the Sub-Sector Aurelia part in the galaxy. This time the missions will be shorter than in classical RTS games, as Relic is trying to escape the conservative RTS look of the game, and this time it looks good.

One of the other new things are the squad leaders which will actually follow you from one mission to the other. These squad leaders will have their own names, statistics, different weapons, traits, accessories, so called commander items and much more. This is where the RPG part of the game kicks in as these squad leaders actually level up as you advance in the game.

Relic has decided that the RTS gamers are fed up with the classical build a base and crush your enemy approach as you go from one mission to another. This time the missions will be changeable depending on the time and the decisions that you actually choose. The new thing is that there will be no base building in the actual campaign, but if some of you are in doubt, Relic noted that the multiplayer will still have the regular base building.

According to what we've heard, there will be four playable races and that the cooperative play in the campaign will be included. The cooperative play is limited to two players which will split the team up between them.

The game should be available sometime during the first three months of the next year. Here are some screenshots from the game itself.




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