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Corsair's Padlock flash memory drive

by on25 August 2007


Games Convention 07: It's all about security

We had a chance to see Corsair's new Padlock flash memory drive. When it comes to security of your data on an USB drive, Padlock might be the best way to go.

The new Padlock is locked until you get the right PIN and it comes in capacities of 1GB and 2GB. It comes with the Auto-Locking feature and it is completely Plug and Pray capable, which means that it doesn't need any software for the lock to work. The PIN number is customizable, so you can set your favorite numbers as a PIN. Please don't use your birthday as this is way to easy to be cracked.

Corsair's new flash drive Padlock is the best thing that you get if you don’t want someone to go over the data on your memory flash drive.



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