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Asus shows Aquatank HS 2900XT

by on22 August 2007


Games Convention 07: Geforce 8600GT pictured

Asus had an interesting things to show for this years Games Convention, but nothing that astonished us.

The two most interesting parts were Aquatank HD 2900XT water cooled graphic card and 8600 GT OC card. Radeon Aquatank 2900XT is based on R600XT GPU that works at 740MHz, and the card comes with 512MB of DDR3 memory that ended up clocked at 1.65GHz. It's not a great clock result but at least the card is definitly not as loud as the reference cooling ones. It  comes bundled with STALKER, and a coupon for The Black Box Half Life 2 upcoming thriller. 

Other interesting thing is the Geforce 8600GT OC, the one that comes with, as Asus claims world's first real time overclocking device for graphics cards. We wrote about the little handy thing for a few times. You can check it out on the picture and it can be overclocked as simple as turning the wheel.



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