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MSI to have 8800M GTX notebook in Q1 08

by on22 November 2007

And new gaming notebook chassis

During a long chat with MSI yesterday, Fudzilla was told that MSI is going to invest heavily in its notebook products, as the company sees this as a key product range. Notebooks seem to have become more important to MSI than any of its other product ranges and the company has actually stopped making MP3 players and such devices.

In Q1 of 2008 we should see an updated GX range of gaming notebooks in which currently the GX600, 610, 700 and 710 can be found. The new models will feature a new chassis that has a light metal alloy frame and a wide range of other modifications to make for a sturdier and more durable machine.

But the biggest news is that MSI will move to support MXM-III modules instead of MXM-II modules. The key aspect of this is that the new GX systems will be able to use higher-end graphics cards and better cooling. We're talking 8800M GTX support, and this is something the current models can't accomodate, nor do they work with the 8700M for the same reason.

We don't have any more details of the new notebooks and time will tell how good they will be, but MSI will continue to support its Turbo overclocking feature on the GX range, as well. So, if you're looking for an overclockable notebook, MSI is the brand you'll want. Don't expect to see overclockable graphics cards just yet, though, as Nvidia and ATI are apparently not letting the manufacturers mess arround much with their mobile parts, unlike their desktop chips.
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