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Ubisoft says DirectX 10.1 as good as DirectX 10

by on31 October 2008


Why bother?

Nvidia got Vincent Greco Worldwide Production Technical Coordinator at Ubisoft to say that the advanced API feature in DirectX 10.1 is actually not that necessary and advanced.

The chap released a super funny statement that goes like this: "The Ubisoftteam wanted to enhance the Anti-Aliasing through the reading of the multisampled depth Z-buffers. This feature was enabled by either using DX10.1 or using a DX10.0 extension supported by NVIDIA DirectX 10 GPU’s. Since NVIDIA supports this in their hardware, we were pleased to be able to accelerate this feature. In the case of Far Cry 2, either option will work with similar performance.”

You cannot guess that we are talking about “The way it’s meant to be played” title and that Nvidia has a huge influence in development and marketing of the game and that this guy didn’t have much choice than to say what he just said.

We wonder why Ubisoft and its Montreal team bother to implement DirectX 10.1 features when it all works well and as fast in DirectX 10 and I guess that is the answer itself. DirectX 10.1 makes a small difference, but Nvidia will fight this argument, as it doesn’t have DirectX 10.1 support.


Last modified on 01 November 2008
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