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Nvidia bets on Far Cry 2

by on31 October 2008


The way it’s meant to be P(l)ayed

believes that Far Cry 2 is the biggest game of 2008 and they somehow want to neglect the importance of Crysis Warhead, and we even know why. The new Crysis simply doesn’t scale well on either SLI or Crossfire and this caused a big problem for Nvidia as it was much harder to sell two or even three cards with a great game that doesn’t scale at all with SLI. Far Cry 2 can change that.

Nvidia claims that Far Cry 2 is highly optimized for Geforce and that is highly optimized for SLI, including 3-way with full 3D stereo support. The sad part is that the game runs faster on Radeon HD 4870 X2 than on a Geforce GTX 280, but we will get back to you on this with some hard evidence. However, you do need to use ATI's hot fix drivers to get this performance. 

Nvidia quotes PC gamer UK, Edge magazine and PC gamer where these guys have had an orgasm reviewing the game and yours truly can say that this might be one of the most complicated games I've ever played. It has good graphics, but gameplay is rather boring .

The game does looks good, but not as good as Crysis, and for an average FPS player it might be too complicated as it has this adventure part, something that got us bored when we tried STALKER.


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