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Starcraft 2 rumor floating on the net

by on14 April 2007


Will there be the sequel of this great game? 

There is an interesting rumor floating around the net. Apparently some sources have confirmed the sequel of StarCraft, the legendary RTS that still haven't died. There are a lot of people still playing the original part.

The source of this rumor is a Korean website called Fighter Forum, you can check it out there if you Korean is not rusty. There is a direct translation at Team Liquid.

Apparently it seems that Starcraft 2 is "soon" to come and they quote someone at eSports industry "...there will be a beta version of SC2 coming out end of the year."

If you can remember, this is the second time that a rumor about Starcraft 2 is started. First time Blizzard denied any rumor about StarCraft 2, but they worked on World of Warcraft then, maybe they realised that its about time they come out with a sequel to this great RTS. A rumor also mentioned a fourth race and some new units, and that the sequel will follow the story and background of the original. Keep your fingers crossed, I sincerely hope that this time the rumor is true.

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