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Storm 2 likely in September

by on08 April 2009


Codename could be Odin, say sources

More codename news hits us from our BlackBerry sources and this time around it is for the Storm sequel, which is likely being worked on under the codename Odin. Our moles say that the Storm 2 (or Odin if you prefer) is on tap for Verizon in September.

The Storm 2 is said to get an overhauled touchscreen this time around and will likely also be the first BlackBerry that will use the name of TruePress, rather than SurePress, for the touchscreen input technology that the unit will use.

Beyond the changes to the touchscreen and input technology, the Storm 2 will add WiFi support this time around, along with a bump in the camera to 5 megapixels. It is expected that the Storm 2 will also carry a bit more onboard flash memory this time around over the first generation Storm, while still offering MicroSD card support.

While our moles suggest that Verizon will take delivery of the Storm 2 in September, we think that this might be a bit optimistic, considering some of the teething pains that RIM has had to endure from both the press and users of the first-generation Storm. We have to believe that RIM will be a bit more cautious this time around and it is likely that we might actually see the launch closer to late 2009 or early 2010.
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