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BlackBerry Bold clones showing up

by on14 January 2009


Called the BlueBerry L900i

Research in Motion (RIM) is not going to be happy about the latest new clone phone coming out of Asia. While it looks a bit like the BlackBerry Bold, it is, in fact, called the BlueBerry L900i.

The BlueBerry L900i is a dual SIM GSM-only phone with a 240x320 resolution screen and of course a full QWERTY keyboard. The dual SIM design allows the user to switch between SIM cards without turning the phone off.

While it obviously isn’t BlackBerry compatible, it does look a bit like an interesting design that takes its styling cues from the Bold and clearly attempts to maximize profit and affordability. Of course, in the Asian market space price is king and having something that at first glance looks like the real thing is an excellent key to sales in this market space.

RIM is not the only company who has been struggling with the Asian phone cloners of late, as Apple has also been seeing more and more iPhone clones, as well. Normally, these sort of look-a-like phones don’t offer the majority of the functionality of the original and don’t make their way out of Asia in sufficient quantities to the rest of the world.

If nothing else, the BlueBerry L900i will keep RIM’s legal team busy, as we suspect that they will be all over the manufacturers of the clones if they are lucky enough to be able to find them.

If you want to have a look at it for yourself, you can find a picture here
Last modified on 14 January 2009
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