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AT&T to offer iPhone tethering soon

by on07 November 2008


Will charge for it, but likely a part of the 2.2 update

Many iPhone owners were very happy with the NetShare application for the iPhone that allowed users to tether their laptops to their iPhone. It was popular until the application was pulled from the apps store.

In response to the droves of users that want to use their iPhone as a 3G modem with their laptop, AT&T will respond by introducing a tethering option for the iPhone very soon. It would be official and you would have to add the tethering option to your current package, but based on similar tethering options for other devices, we expect the cost to be about $30 per month.

Several of our Apple tree clan claim that the tethering option will be built-in to the version 2.2 update that is set to be released soon.
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