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Nvidia Ion is almost ready

by on08 January 2009


CES 2009:
Fits in the palm of your hand

latest way to upset Intel is almost finished. The first prototypes of the Ion platform were displayed at last nights Pepcom pre-CES event. Ion is Nvidia’s chipset for the Atom CPU on a very small motherboard. 

The motherboard is the size of my palm and you can clearly see the Nvidia’s 9400 chipset matched with the Atom. The bigger chip of the two is the Geforce 9400, something that you could see in many of the latest notebooks from Apple.

Nvidia knows it has a winning product, as its Geforce 9400 can let you play some decent games and at the same time it lets you watch 1080P HD video, something you can only dream with Intel's Atom nettop platform. We’ve seen Ion running and the first prototypes for public testing are ready, while the design wins are expected later this year. Of course if someone is brave enogh to go against Intel that is.

This is what it looks like



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