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Gigabyte launches X58 site

by on03 November 2008


Three models on the way

Although the first reviews of Intel's Core i7 and X58 platform are going live today, it seems like the NDA for the motherboard makers have expired today, as well, and Gigabyte has put up a dedicated Website for its X58 products.

It seems like Gigabyte did some last minute re-shuffling, but we're still getting three boards from the company, the EX58-Extreme, the EX58-UD5 and the EX58-DS4, with the last one being a new addition as the third board was rumoured to be either a UD5P or DS5 model earlier on, but we might see more models in the near future.

The EX58-DS4 is the most basic version and it's the only model of the three launched that doesn't support SLI. This board also lacks Ultra Durable 3, which is a bit of a downer and unlike the two boards, the PCIe slots are configured as x16, x8 and x8 which might result in somewhat slower performance if used with multiple graphics cards. On the upside, this board should be a lot more affordable than the other two models.

The EX58-UD5 should be the big seller, as it's packed to the brim with features without going over the top; and if we're going to be honest, even though the EX58-Extreme has some fancy cooling options, it doesn't look like it has that much to offer on top of the EX58-UD5, but as we've yet to see any benchmark numbers from either board, it's really too early to tell.

Both models support SLI, although for those that are really concerned about it, this is software SLI, as from what we've been told, Gigabyte has no plans to implement the NF200 chip on any of its X58 motherboards.

You can find the Website here with more details of the new features and motherboards.

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