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Foxconn is working on X58 Quantum Force board

by on17 October 2008


The BloodRage X58

It seems like Foxconn wasn't happy enough to have a single X58 with the Renaissance, as the company is working on a Quantum Force board with the X58 chipset ,which should be known as the BloodRage.

At the moment we don't have a lot of details of this new board, but we'd expect it to be just as interesting as other Quantum Force boards from Foxconn. However, we did get one interesting morsel of information about this new motherboard.

From what we've been told, Foxconn is going to fit the board with extra mounting holes to the dimension of LGA 775 coolers, which means that if you have a cooler that you're happy with right now, you might be able to use it with the BloodRage. There's a caveat, as the LGA 1366 socket is taller than the LGA 775 socket, you can't use CPU coolers with push-pins, but those using some kind of screw-based mount that has long enough posts, should work just fine.

We presume that the BloodRage will launch after the Renaissance, so there might be a little while before we get our hands on all the nitty gritty bits about this board, but if Foxconn's past efforts are anything to go by, then this could possible bring some competition to the current high-end boards we've seen from Asus, Gigabyte and MSI so far.
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