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Nvidia's MCP7A-U might get DDR3 support

by on11 April 2008


First mainstream DDR3 chipset

According to Expreview, Nvidia is looking at adding DDR3 support to its upcoming MCP7A-U for Intel processors, although only 1,333MHz modules will be supported, which seems slightly moot, considering that there's no performance benefit over DDR2 800MHz modules at this speed.

However, once DDR3 memory becomes a lot more affordable, which could very well happen later this year if Intel shifts more of its products over to DDR3, then this might not be such a bad idea. The chipset will still retain its support for DDR2 800MHz memory.

Nvidia is also changing the IGP graphics series from the earlier suggested 8-series to the 9-series to make the MCP7A chipsets conform to its latest naming conventions. It doesn't mean that the integrated graphics will be any better, it's just a marketing thing.

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